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Martian Warfare

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Created by: Ken Gordon
With assistance by: Oliver Auth
Also a big thanks to: myLAAN, airborne, King Atom & Firdrak who have all assisted in the project so far, as well as the folks who helped by play-testing

It is 2150 and Mars has been colonised and terraformed. 50 years of peace has seen the rise of 6 distinct cultures on the planet. Now Earth has gone silent, and the 6 powers of Mars are all humanity has left in the solar system. Do you have the skill and diplomatic ability to take control of Mars and lead it to it's rightful destiny in the stars?

If anyone is wondering about the names, most of them are the real place-names of regions on Mars. However some of the territories I've named after characters found in Kim Stanley Robinson's awesome trilogy about the terraforming and colonisation of Mars


  • This map starts with a build phase, and is build anywhere. You cannot enter Olympus Mons, Mt. Pavonis and the Claritas Range. In addition the following island regions can convoy:
  • Some regions like North Harmakis & Dao Valley/Sth Tyrrhena Plateau are adjacent to each other only by fleets. Consider these territories separated by an unfordable river. Rivers are not named. Armies can cross rivers by land bridges (shown between Dao Valley & Sth Tyrrhena)
  • All rivers can be crossed by fleets, but armies can only cross when there is a land bridge.
  • rivers are not named
  • What the **** is with those funny looking sea regions? A.K.A. Overseer Zones (OZs)

  • The following sea regions are OZs: Acidalian Sea, Chryse Gulf, Sea of Utopia, Isidis Bay, Hellas Sea a thick dark line designates the borders of the OZ.
  • OZs are a new concept developed to address the issue of clogged and stalemated sea territories.
  • Each OZ is adjacent to all the territories that it borders, including any adjacent OZs:
  • Each OZ is divided into Sub-Zones (SZs). These territories are adjacent to each SZ of their parent OZ,and the territories that they are adjacent to, plus any adjacent OZ:
  • Here is an example of a possible convoy over an OZ:
  • Here is an example showing the territories that are adjacent to a sea region that is neither OZ nor SZ:
  • Near Mars, Mars Orbit, & what are those triangular thing-os?

  • These are regions of space, that are only accessible from the spaceports on the surface, these are: Amazonis, Mareotis Fossae, Cydonia, South Noachia, Arkady, & Mt Albor.
  • Spaceports are NOT Supply Centers
  • Near Mars orbits are adjacent to each other, and to all the surface spaceports. They are 'land' territories.
  • Mars Orbits are adjacent to one another, and to all the surface spaceports. They are 'sea' territories and can convoy.
  • If you want to contribute to the Known World series being developed please follow the link: