Celtic Britain (8 игроков)

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Settings and History:

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the Romans never invaded Britain... This map shows the Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland just before the conquest of Rome. Some of the major tribes have already started to conquer their neighbours. The Brigantes have begun to gain controll of Northern England while the Iceni and Durotriges fight over the South Coast. Ireland has split into two factions, the Voluntii and Ivernia, both wanting controll over the other while also looking to benefit from the chaos in Mainland Britain. The Cornovii have taken control of most of Wales while the Picts from the Scottish Islands vie for controll of the mainland as they battle the Caledonii. Who will be victorious and rule in Celtic Britain.

Historical Accuracy:

Each territory represents the rough area where each tribe lived. While I have tried to be as accurate as possible in representing the tribes there were some left out as they made the map too crowded. The position of the supply centres is not based on the importance of the territory but is to make the map as balanced as possible. The names of Oceans are mostly based on what they were called by the Romans.

Special Rules:
  • Fleets in the Islands of Skitis, Carini and Cornavii are able to convoy units.
  • There is not a land bridge between Belgae and Vectis however fleets can move directly
    between these territories.
  • There is a land bridge between Deceangli and Mona, both fleets and armies can move
    between these territories.
  • Decentae, Cerones, Taexali, Caledonii, Damnonii and Durotriges all have two coasts.
Special Thanks

Special thanks to Oliver Auth for helping me with the coding, Evansevern for help with the design and everyone who helped with the play-testing