Europe 1939 (8 игроков)

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Параметры варианта (Версия карты: I / Версия кода: 1.1):


  1. South Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf are all connected to each other to represent fleets sailing around Africa and make for greater diplomacy between Spain, Britain and Turkey.
  2. Yugoslavia is a neutral, unplayable country. It has a neutral army in Serbia that will not move or support and will disband when dislodged.
  3. There are two "landbridges" that allow armies and fleets to move across oceans without moving into the ocean or require convoying. These are between Sicily and Naples, and between Northern Ireland and Liverpool.
  4. Kiel, Caucasus and Cairo all act as canals. This allows fleets to travel through them to the seas the other side, much like Kiel in the Classic map.