Youngstown - Redux (10 игроков)
Youngstown with some twists!

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Поиск игр:

Параметры варианта (Версия карты: I / Версия кода: 1.0.11):




A Moscow

A Omsk

A Warsaw

F Sevastopol

F St. Petersburg (sc)

F Vladivostok


A Peking

A Guangzhou

A Wuhan

F Shanghai


A Kyoto

F Tokyo

F Osaka

F Sapporo


A Delhi

A Calcutta

F Bombay

F Madras


A Constantinople

A Bagdad

A Mecca

F Ankara


A Paris

A Marseilles

F Brest

F Saigon


F London

F Liverpool

F Edinburgh

F Aden

F Singapore


A Rome

A Milan

F Naples

F Mogadishu


A Berlin

A Munich

A Cologne

F Tsingtao

F Kiel


A Vienna

A Budapest

A Trieste

F Sarajevo

While there are 81 SCs only 28 SCs (81(1/3)+1) are needed to win encouraging more solos and less draws.

This is Youngstown Redux it has a few changes made to it

-The Asian Powers have 4 SCs at start too now

-Germany starts with 5 SCs a fleet representing the East Asiatic Squadron based in Tsingtao

-Britain starts with a fleet and SC in Aden

-No African off boxes

-General map changes, Himalayas gone

The Off Boxes allows for around-the-world movement. Once in an Off Box, a fleet can move into a corresponding Off Box. For example, F Mid Atlantic Ocean can move into Off Box B, and then from there can move into Off Boxes A, C, and E. Fleets in Off Boxes can support fleets in corresponding Off Boxes and convoy through all Off Box routes just as they would through any other adjacent territories.