Classic - Economic (7 игроков)
A variant to the standard Diplomacy map comprising an economic warfield!

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Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 1.1):



    Europe is on the brink of war. The fight will not only spread in the battlefields: the economies of the involved Nations will be stressed to the limit...


  1. This variant is based on the standard Diplomacy map. Except as noted below, the standard rules apply.
  2. The map is composed of the standard Diplomacy map plus an economic panel representing 24 products or resources. Each territory of the economic panel is a supply center, and can be occupied only by armies.
  3. At the beginning of the game, each power is given an economic center, but no army in the economical panel.
  4. There are no links between the political map and the economic panel: the only way the powers have to send armies in the economic panel is building armies in their initial economic center.
  5. The armies in the economic panel can only move in horizontal and in vertical. Some of the passages are not allowed, and this is highlighted by more marked lines between the economic centers.
  6. The same rules apply to the political and the economic centers.
  7. A player is declared winner when he reaches 24 centers. This represents less than the usual 'half of the board', to encourage fast-growing powers.