Haven (19 игроков)
Epic 19 player battle in a fantasy world.

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Поиск игр:

Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 1.1 / Версия кода: 1.1.11):


  1. The Underworld:
    The Haven is played both above and below ground. The underground passages are connected to the overworld at 5 points - one in each corner, and one in the center.
    A unit in a crossover space exists on both maps. A crossover space is connected (via land, for army movement only) to all spaces adjacent to it in both worlds. For example, an army in Yggdrasil (underground) could support a fleet moving from Thon Tholas (overworld) to Cave of Ordeals (both worlds). But once the fleet occupied the Cave of Ordeals, it could not move into either underground space - only an army could do that.
    The crossover spaces are:
    • Mount Nimro (center)
    • Cave of Ordeals (northwest)
    • Dragons Teeth Mountains (northeast)
    • Hoarluk (southwest)
    • Nowwhat (southeast)
  2. The Eternal Build Centers:
    There are 9 special centers on the board, designed to create hot spots and extremely desireable centers to capture. This is because any power may build in one of the 9 eternal build centers!
    The 9 eternal build centers are:
    • Telmar (northwest)
    • Spiral Castle (northeast)
    • Dargaard Keep (west)
    • The Julianthes (central / island)
    • Myth Drannor (central / island)
    • Never Never Land (east)
    • Whoville (southwest)
    • Krikkit (southeast)
    • Spirit Pond (underworld)
  3. The Rivers:
    Rivers are marked by blue lines on the map, and function like the standard game canals in Constantinople and Kiel. A fleet may move into a space that contains or is along a river, and may cross thru that space provided it moves to an adjacent space also connected to the river.
  4. Province Names:
    The names are taken from over 75 fantasy books, movies, shows, games, songs, places, mythologies, fairytales, folklore, and a few of them completely made up. The more you can relate to, the more you were probly a fantasy geek growing up!