Balkan Wars VI (6 игроков)
A crowded map for 6 players for a very fast diplomacy experience.

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Поиск игр:

Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 6 / Версия кода: 1.0.4):


  • As the Ottoman Empire was collapsing various ethnic and racial minorities began to agitate for their own nation state as the most successful ideology of modern times, nationalism began to rear its ugly head. Several smaller powers suddenly came into existence and began to war not only the Ottoman Empire but with each other as well.
  • The game encourages cut throat play right from the beginning as every power has centers and units right up on top of at least one, and usually, two other powers. You can’t sit on the fence very long as soon you'll be attacked by your neighbors because everyone is under the gun to pick up some dots as soon as possible. There are neutral centers and every power, except for Bulgaria—which already has an extra center, can get to at least one neutral center.
  1. You can build on all supply centers you own.
  2. Fleets in Bessarabia or Constanta may move and support, via the Danube River, into Galati, and vice-versa. Fleets can be built in Galati. Danube is NOT a space. Fleets remain in the regular provinces.
  3. Direct passages: There are several Direct Passages across narrow bodies of water which may be used by both armies and fleets without interfering with the passage of fleets between adjacent sea spaces.
  4. The countries start with the following units:
    • ALBANIA: Choice Tirana, Choice Montenegro, Choice Valona
    • BULGARIA: A Sofia, F Varna, A Plovdiv, Choice Thrace
    • GREECE: Choice Athens, A Solonika, F Sparta
    • RUMANIA: A Bucharest, A Galati, F Constanta
    • SERBIA: A Belgrade, A Nish, A Skopje
    • TURKEY: A Constantinople, F Izmit, F Smyrna