Lepanto (2 игроков)
Simple 1vs1 challenge based on the famous sea battle between the Holy League and the Ottoman Empire

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    Lepanto, 7 October 1571. The time has come for the Holy League and the Ottoman Empire to fight at their very best for the dominion over the Mediterranean, and over the world as they know it. Will the Holy League stop the advancing of the Ottomans, who seem invincible? Will the Ottoman Empire defeat once for all its most powerful enemies? Find it out playing this perfectly symmetric challenge...


  1. This variant is based on the standard Diplomacy map. Except as noted below, the standard rules apply.
  2. The map is composed of several hexagons, each of them representing a different zone of the battle. Some of the zones are key positions: they count as supply centers.
  3. Each player is entitled to summon new ships during his building phase and place them in already-owned key positions. New ships can be built in any key position, provided they are owned by the player and free from other ships (same rules of build-anywhere Diplomacy).
  4. There are three kinds of ships: the galleys, the frigates and the flagships.
    • The galleys are the regular ships: they move as the standard Diplomacy fleets, from one sector to another, and can move everywhere. They are the only kind of ship that players are allowed to build during the game.
    • The frigates are lighter and quicker ships; they can move twice faster than the galleys, ie of two sectors. Since they are lightly armored, they cannot move or support the sectors that represent key positions. Each player start with two frigates, and cannot build another one; on the other hand, they can be disbanded once they are forced to retreat. Exception: They CAN attack the flagships, even at 2 sectors of distance!
    • The flagships are the most important ships, ruled directly by the Commanders of the fleet: once one flagship is disbanded, the game is over, and the attacking player has won the game! They cannot be moved, but can support move or support hold other ships present in adjacent sectors (much as the army in Benevento in the Rinascimento variant).
  5. Note: At the beginning of the game each player has two galleys on not-owned key positions: in order to conquer those positions, one has to occupy them at the end of the fall turn as any other neutral key position.
  6. The game keeps on until one of the flagship is disbanded.