Fubar (6 игроков)
Fucked up beyond all recognition.

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Some Background:

The ancient kingdom of Fatflapia (ruled by the great king Fatflap) was based on a fucking weird island. This island is surrounded by some crazy smaller islands. And when i say weird and crazy i really mean weird and crazy; ever seen Lost? Well that's like the bedwetting little brother island of this island that king Fatflap rules.

Anyways, some sons of bitches came and fucked his shit up. That's where you come in: will you become Fatflap himself and pwn some nubs? Or will you end his reign (and stop obesity!) by becomming one of the invaders?

Some Rules:

  1. This map is build anywhere.
  2. This map starts with a build phase.
  3. Armies can cross the territory "River" in one step (as indicated by the black arrows on the map)

Tips for succesful invasion (noone cares about fatflap):

  1. Don't trust king Fatflap while he's still tubby, but remember he could be of great use later
  2. You will probably lose if everyone builds a fleet the first turn.
  3. Never become fat irl, because 5 people will come and jump you when you are chilling on your private island (try this variant if you don't believe me)