Greek Diplomacy (6 игроков)
War in the Greek City States time period

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Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 1.0 / Версия кода: 1.3):


Winner of "The Diplomacy World Variant Design Contest held in issue #110 (Summer 2010).
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Diplomacy Bidding Start:
Each nation starts with their capital city and four tokens to bid for other home centers with. All of the players reveal their bids at once for the biding phase. If a player is the only player to have bid on a supply center then that supply center becomes a home center of that player. If two players bid on the same supply center the player who bid the most on the supply center gets it as their home center. If they bid the same amount on the supply center then the supply center remains neutral. After bidding there is no build phase. All Supply Centers that become a nation's Home Centers will have either a navy or army in the territory. See the following table for a complete overview:

Apollonia => ArmyArgos => ArmyAthens => FleetByzantium => Army
Chalies => FleetChicos => FleetCorinth => Fleet ECCorcyra => Fleet
Cydonia => FleetDelos => FleetDelphi => ArmyEphesus => Army
Halicarnassus => ArmyImbros => FleetIlium => FleetIthaca => Fleet
Knossos => FleetLaodicoa => ArmyLarissa => ArmyLesbos => Fleet
Melos => FleetMessenia => ArmyMiletus => ArmyNaxos => Fleet
Olympia => ArmyPella => ArmyPergamum => ArmyRhodes => Fleet
Samos => FleetSardis => ArmySparta => ArmyThassos => Army
Thebes => ArmyTherma => Army

You can download the 3 page long original description of this variant here: GreekDiplomacy.pdf