South American Supremacy (8 игроков)
A variant with a map of South America for 8 players.

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Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 1.1.1):


  1. The Andes Mountains:
    Indicated by a darkened border, separating the western ridge of the continent from the interior. Units may not cross the Andes Mountains (like Switzerland) except at "passes," marked on the map by two small parallel lines with a normal (light) border between them. The Andes Mountains form the border between Cali and Popayan, and stretch all the way south to separate Valparaiso from Cordoba.
  2. Rivers:
    The Amazon and Parana rivers are navigable by fleets. They are NOT separate bodies of water themselves. This means that fleets can move up and along these river borders just like fleets on coastlines can. For example, a fleet could on subsequent turns move from RdP to BAs to SaF to Crt to Asu to Mis to Prn, etc. etc. No special order format is needed. Support operates as normal, though it should be noted that fleets CANNOT support actions involving inland territories while on a river. Just as a Fleet in Belgium could not support an Army Burgundy into Ruhr, neither could a Fleet Santa Fe support an Army Cordoba into Rosario. Also, fleets may not convoy while on a river (just like fleets on a coastal territory may not convoy in standard.)
  3. Impassable territories:
    British, French, Dutch Guyana: European controlled territories that are impassable like Switzerland. Tierra del Fuego: Some of the most inhospitable land on the face of this earth. It is also impassable.
  4. Neutral support-centers:
    There are neutral SC's on the starting map on colored territories. These SC's are marked with a neutral colored box () drawn around them. Once occupied they count as any other SC.