Migraine (8 игроков)
8 Player Diplomacy on a symetrical map

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Поиск игр:

Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 1.0 / Версия кода: 1.6.1):


The creator tried to make the proportions of land territories to seas basically equivalent to regular Diplomacy, but with eight players, it had to be a little bigger. The more he looked at the game, and try to imagine how it might play out, the more confused he got. Hence, the name, Migraine Dip!

Played using regular dip rules, except that each player, at the start of the game, determines which of his three units are fleets. 20 centers to win.

Map Notes

  • The edge of the map is connected to the edge on the opposite side of the circle. Therefore, sea-zone "West Mystic Ocean" is adjacent to sea-zone "East Mystic Ocean", and land-zone "Nortia" is adjacent to land-zone "Antoria".
  • The land-areas "Cantaria" and "Chimara" (the half-circles) are each just one area, and they are not connected to each other. Therefore, a unit could move from "Bilington" to "Cantaria ('A' Coast)" to "Lilington". These land-areas have two coasts, like Spain in regular Dip. Note that the coasts are a bit counter-intuitive. At the top, "Chimara ('A' Coast)" is on the right, while at the bottom "Chimara ('A' Coast)" is on the left.
  • Land areas "Zobaru", "Dogaru", "Lokaru" and "Sotaru" also have two coasts.
  • The twelve sets of crossing arrows on the map allow armies and fleets to pass across a narrow span of water. They have no effect on ships in the span of water, and ships in the sea-zone have no effect on units using the crossing arrows. A crossing arrow crosses the "Straits" in the middle, but as noted above, has no effect on ships in these areas. A unit can support across a crossing arrow normally.
  • There is no adjacency across four-way corners. Therefore, "Groach Sea" is not adjacent "Jalta", etc. "Nortia" is not adjacent to "South Majestic Ocean" or "South Turgid Ocean", etc.