East Indies (14 игроков)
A combination of the Maharajah and Spice Islands variants.

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  1. Play starts in Spring 1501.
  2. Victory consists of the ownership of 36 Supply Centers (a majority of the 70 Supply Centers).
  3. Powers may build in any vacant Supply Center they own.
  4. The turn following Spring is known as "Monsoon" rather than "Autumn".
  5. Fleets may move to any province containing or bordering a river, but cannot convoy while in those provinces. Rivers marked on the map are not provinces, but merely indicators of adjacency for fleet movement. For a fleet to move from one river province to another the two must be adjacent either by coast or by river, therefore fleets may not move directly between Assam and Arakan, Ava or Shan, directly between Agra and Lahore, or directly between Sutiya and Shan.