Cold War Redux (4 игроков)
The Cold War variant, expanded for 4 players.

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Параметры варианта (Версия карты: 1.0 / Версия кода: 0.3):


The Cold War Redux variant is set in 1961, the year of the Sino-Soviet split, and explores a hypothetical conflict between the world's foremost powers at that time: the USA, the USSR, China and the European members of NATO. Please note that to that end, a few small liberties have been taken to improve gameplay, such as the historically inaccurate border between Eastern Germany and Denmark, and the Chinese control of North Vietnam.

General Notes:

  1. Some of the supply centers and provinces were historically aligned with either the Atlantic Alliance, China or the USSR. However, to improve the balance of the map, they start off the game as neutral regions.
  2. There are two cases in which bordering islands can be traversed by armies: Indonesia<=>Philippines, and Indonesia<=>Australia. West Canada does not border Greenland.
  3. Panama and Egypt contain "canals," meaning that fleets can traverse them as if they only had a single coast. They are analagous to Kiel in Classic Diplomacy.
  4. Because of the lack of a Skagerrak territory, North Sea borders Sweden. Knowledge of this border is key for the first few moves of any game.
  5. Due to the compactness of many territories, please consult the large map if you are confused or need a closer look. Coast markers are also included on the large map.