1908 - Fall of Europe (7 игроков)
Europe on the verge of a new conflict between the Great Powers.

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The start date is Spring 1908, as the powderkeg of Europe reaches a breaking point and war is on the horizon.

Inspired by Allan B. Calhamer's Diplomacy and Baron M. Powell's 1900.


  1. Movement and support (by both armies and fleets) are allowed between Casablanca and Spain.
  2. Movement, support and convoys (only by fleets) are allowed between Mid-Atlantic Ocean and Cairo.
  3. Cairo, Constantinople, Denmark, Kiel and Sweden are considered canal provinces (e.g. like Kiel in Classic).
  4. Units can only be built on your own starting supply centers; Byelorussia is not a supply center despite hosting a Russian army at start.
  5. Arabia is considered impassable; islands without names (e.g. Iceland) are also considered impassable, being colored for purely cosmetic reasons.

Starting Positions:

Austria (A) - Army Vienna, Army Budapest, Army Trieste

Britain (B) - Fleet London, Fleet Cairo, Fleet Edinburgh, Army Liverpool

France (F) - Army Paris, Fleet Brest, Army Casablanca, Army Marseilles

Germany (G) - Army Berlin, Army Frankfurt, Fleet Kiel, Army Munich

Italy (I) - Fleet Rome (wc), Army Milan, Fleet Naples

Russia (R) - Fleet St. Petersburg (sc), Army Moscow, Fleet Sevastopol, Army Warsaw

Turkey (T) - Army Constantinople, Fleet Angora, Army Smyrna