1800 - Empires and Coalitions (9 игроков)
Europe in 1800, after the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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1800: Empires and Coalitions is set at the beginning of the French Consulate after Napoleon toppled the French Assembly in the coup of the 18th Brumaire.

It is a 9-player variant with major and minor powers. The status of a major or minor power in this variant is based on the number of men mobilized during the Napoleonic Wars. Any power that exceeded 300,000 men during the course of the many conflicts or was a known militarized power begins the game with 3 or more units (this is done with historical flare, but the game map has been carefully tailored to hopefully reflect excellent balance based on this game mechanic).

The major powers in this category are France (4 SC’s), Britain (4 SC’s), Russia (4 SC’s), Austria (3 SC’s), and Prussia (3 SC's). The minor powers of 1800 consist of any nation that mobilized 100-300,000 men during the course of the wars or were strategically significant. These include Denmark, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and Sicily (all 2 SC’s). The status of major or minor powers only affects initial setup and has no bearing on the course of the game after the first turn.

The start date is Spring 1800.

  1. Gibraltar is passable and considered a coastal space where movement by both fleets and armies is possible. Gibraltar is not a SC, but contains a British fleet supplied from Liverpool. Gibraltar also divides the coastline of Andalusia, but does not break up the coast of Morocco. Gibraltar is considered a sea space for convoys and does not border Morocco for land movement.
  2. There are land bridges connecting Edinburgh (Edi) and Ireland (Ire), Naples (Nap) and Palermo (Plm), Constantinople (Con) and Angora (Ang).
  3. The Aegean Sea and Black Sea do not border one another. In order for a fleet to move from one to the other it must move along the coastline of either Constantinople or Angora through the Sea of Marmara (which is not represented as a sea space on the map). A fleet moving from either the Aegean or Black Seas into the other must first capture or move through Constantinople or Angora before proceeding.
  4. Sweden is considered to have one coast and is not interrupted by the space of Copenhagen.
  5. The spaces of Andalusia (Spain), Papal States, Schleswig (Denmark), and St. Petersburg (Russia) have two coastlines.
  6. Each minor power begins with 2 home centers at the start of the game in Spring 1800. Each minor power has a designated neutral supply center that will become a third home center upon being captured by that minor power. The additional home centers respective to each minor country are as follows: Portugal (Spain), Sweden (Denmark), Egypt (Ottoman Empire), Papal States (Sicily).

Starting Positions:

Austria, starting units: A Vienna (Vie), A Venice (Ven), A Budapest (Bud)

Britain, starting units: F London (Lon), F Edinburgh (Edi), F Gibraltar (Gib), A Hanover (Han)

Denmark, starting units: F Copenhagen (Cop), F Christiania (Chr)

France, starting units: A Paris (Par), A Brest (Bre), A Lyon (Lyo), F Marseilles (Mar)

Ottoman Empire, starting units: A Constantinople (Con), F Angora (Ang)

Prussia, starting units: A Berlin (Ber), A Konigsberg (Kon), A Breslau (Brs)

Russia, starting units: F St. Petersburg South Coast (StP SC), A Moscow (Mos), A Kiev (Kie), F Sevastopol (Sev)

Sicily, starting units: A Naples (Nap), F Palermo (Pal)

Spain, starting units: F Madrid (Mad), F Valencia (Val)

Province abbreviations:

Adr – Adriatic Sea

Aeg – Aegean Sea

Alg – Algeria

And – Andalusia

Ang – Angora

Apu – Apulia

Arc – Arctic Ocean

Arm – Armenia

Atl – Atlantic Ocean

Bal – Baltic Sea

Bar – Barents Sea

BaS – Balearic Sea

Bat – Batavia

Bav – Bavaria

Bel – Belgium

Ber – Berlin

Bla – Black Sea

BoB – Bay of Biscay

Boh – Bohemia

Bos – Bosnia

Bot – Gulf of Bothnia

Bra – Brandenburg

Bre – Brest

Brs – Breslau

Bud – Budapest

Cat – Catalonia

Cel – Celtic Sea

Cen – Central Mediterranean

Chr – Christiania

Cis – Cisalpine Republic

Con – Constantinople

Cop – Copenhagen

Cro – Croatia

Eas – Eastern Mediterranean

Edi – Edinburgh

Egy – Egypt

Eng – English Channel

Fin – Finland

Fmk – Finnmark

Gal – Galicia

Gas – Gascony

Gib – Gibraltar

GoL – Gulf of Lyon

Gre – Greece

Han – Hanover

Hel – Helvetia

Ice – Iceland

Ion – Ionian Sea

Ire – Ireland

Kie – Kiev

Kon – Konigsberg

Lon – London

Lor – Lorraine

Lvn – Livonia

Lvp – Liverpool

Lyo – Lyon

Mad – Madrid

Mar – Marseilles

Mec – Mecklenburg

Mol – Moldavia

Mor – Morocco

Mos – Moscow

Nap – Naples

NAt – North Atlantic

Nav – Navarre

Nrg – Norwegian Sea

Nth – North Sea

Pap – Papal States

Par – Paris

Pie – Piedmont

Plm – Palermo

Pol – Poland

Por – Portugal

Rhi – Rhineland

Sax – Saxony

Sch – Schleswig

Sev – Sevastopol

Ska – Skagerrak

StP – St. Petersburg

Swe – Sweden

Syr – Syria

Tra – Transylvania

Trp – Tripolitania

Tun – Tunisia

Tyn – Tyrrhenian Sea

Tyr – Tyrol

Ukr – Ukraine

Ura – Urals

Val – Valencia

Ven – Venice

Vie – Vienna

Wal – Wales

Wch – Wallachia

Wes – Western Mediterranean

Wph – Westphalia

Yor – Yorkshire